Market Update – May 2020

A monthly wrap-up video featuring Director, Richard Stanton and Kellie Quinn and Victoria Braxton-Meadows, our top Selling Agents. They discuss sales, enquiry levels and overall market sentiment in the Real Estate and Property Development sector for the Month of May.

During these challenging COVID-19 times we are finding that the market is actually very encouraging, we are receiving significant enquiry levels from the retirement sector, land buyers and also first home buyers. 

Looking at the media’s depiction of the current crisis and the impact this has on the real estate sector, we are finding a completely different result. From our more niche’ off-the-plan perspective, we are finding buyers are taking the time to complete detailed research and are confident in their needs and, in turn their eventual purchases. 

Our overall sales result of 33 sales is a very positive result and reiterates our point that you can’t believe everything you see in the media. We have sold out our recent land releases within days and our sales and enquiry numbers are higher than this time last year. 

Overall we are extremely excited for next month and are confident that with our positive approach and unwavering dedication during tough times, we will achieve another month of great results! 

We're always making great things.

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