A spark, a hidden flame requiring contact to ignite. Ignite the spark and light the way forward. The brand-new project, Flint Stockton, delves deep into the hidden flame and ignites an unparalleled lifestyle with two prominent Torrens Title homes.

Striking architecture blazes the way forward for the coveted locale of Stockton, leaving a trail of contemporary design, utmost exclusivity, and the luxury of space in its wake.

Outdoor living is at the forefront of the design. Embodying a contemporary interpretation of the calm coastal town feel that Stockton is renowned for. Bask in the sea air and a private yard while luxuriating in your alfresco space encased by landscaping. Embark upstairs to take in the elevated outlook from the sprawling upstairs alfresco.

Cross the threshold into a home that is alight with exquisite craftsmanship and proportions. Where the high-end kitchen ignites inspiration to entertain, gather, create, and experiment. Where the master bedroom suite ignites a desire to rest and recharge and where sumptuous bathrooms ignite reinvigoration at its finest.

Flint sparks an unmatched routine, where a zest for life and living takes over the mundane. Where the community atmosphere is strong and the coffee even stronger. Ignite a passion for tennis, cycling, fishing, or surfing. The options know no bounds. Where connectivity to the CBD of Newcastle is within minutes, and where the Pacific Highway and Newcastle Airport are not that much further.

Allow Flint to ignite that spark in you.  

We're always making great things.

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