Research you can trust

Kapalua combines evidence-based research with first-hand market experience to ensure that the right product – at the right price – is delivered to the right target audience.

This simple philosophy contributes to our success in off-the-plan marketing and price growth throughout the selling of a project.

Proactive site identification for your next development

Our research and development team are constantly analysing new development opportunities so we’re ready to work with you on your next project.


We create a seamless, professional advisory experience for our valued clients

Kapalua delivers unique research insights by compiling diverse data sources into a simplified and accessible framework. We source data from local Councils, government agencies, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and selected third-party providers to prepare objective analysis and research you can trust.

Our evidence-based research is applied to:

  • identifying sites suitable for higher density development
  • feasibility and due diligence investigations
  • understanding competing developments and current market trends
  • determining optimum product type and mix
  • identifying target market segments to focus our marketing campaigns
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